Athens Central Hotel

Our comfortable Athena suite is waiting for you.
Our new hotel is a modern, Greek-inspired experience in the heart of Athens, Ohio. We hope you enjoy staying with us. Kalos Irthate ❤️
We offer a hot, complimentary weekend breakfast served by the friendliest staff in Athens
upgraded waterfall and body showers with barn-style doors
single king bed
king room with blue sofa near picture windows
one king bed with two comfy chairs, set in front of a large picture window overlooking the street level
one king bed with two comfy chairs, set in front of a large picture window overlooking the street level
artistic shot of upgraded, stainless steel waterfall and body shower, with oval barn-style door
full bathroom with upgraded waterfall and body shower on the left. dark wood vanity with large mirror and long light above it on the left. room shows hair dryer, towels, and stainless-steel sink
single king room with artwork, two glass-body lamps, and a lot of floor space. one of two windows are seen in the corner, large picture window is off-screen
entry-view of room, showing bed, door leading to the bathroom, fridge, microwave, office desk, tv, and comfortable recliner. artwork is seen in the distance. view is illuminated by large picture window, off-screen
handicap bathroom with upgraded rainfall, waterfall, and body shower system. accessibility railing on the wall, and white chair in the corner. Bathroom is wheel-chair accessible
large handicap-accessible room boasting a lot of floor space, with large king bed in the center, and comfortable reclining chair next to two windows that illuminate the room well
view of the eros handicap king room from perspective of guest lying in bed. tv is mounted on wall, beneath tv is a light-colored wood dresser. to the left is a glass office desk, blue chair, and a painting of two horses. on the left is a blue spartan chair with abstract artwork above it, and a small rounded glass table next to it. room is very well lit
well lit bathroom with a glass vanity and dark wood frame around mirror. shower and rack full of towels are seen in the reflection
head-on view of artemis double queen room, queen bed on either side, lit lamp in middle, flower artwork on wall
side view of 2 queen room showing full picture window with views of white/red town apartments and mountains in the distance
upgraded stainless-steel waterfall and body shower behind an oval-shaped glass barn-style door. towels on a rack outside the shower area. well lit with light-peach colored subway tiles
view of one bedroom suite from the perspective of the large picture windows. 1 of 2 comfy rotating chairs are seen close up. in the distance, large flat-screen tv is mounted on the wall, with light-brown dresser beneath it. air-conditioning unit is placed above door that leads to living space. door next to rounded mirror leads to bathroom. door near tv leads to gym. office chair behind decorative, white pillar. warm lighting tone, multiple light sources
large living space with full-body mirror hanging on the wall. Bed with light-brown wooden frame. wood floors, aluminum lamps, very well lit
full bath with upgraded rainfall and body shower, large 2-sink vanity made of composite woods. bright lights illuminate the space. the oval, glass barn-style door can be seen
living space of the Athena suite. one large gray sofa with hex-patterned pillows on either end. A large painging of a small bridge over bright-blue water is mounted above the sofa. two aluminum lamps on either side of the sofa. two blue spartan chairs on either side of the sofa, and a chest-inspired fuzzy gray ottoman with gold legs rests in the middle of the room. The entire wall on the right is one massive window, quietly placed away from the lobby and street, with views of trees and the suburbs. very well lit area
from the sofa (off-screen), guest sees a flat screen tv mounted on the wall aove a glass office table. two doors lead into two bedrooms. the beedroom on the left is a queen room, the bedroom on the right is a king room. a small mirror is mounted on the wall between the two doors. a gray ottoman is in the fore-front of the shot.

Short walk to Court Street

Waterfall showers

Complimentary stocked fridge

65" 4K TV

Free on-site parking

Weekend breakfast

24/7 Front Desk

ADA Accessible

Pet Friendly

High-speed Internet

Fitness Center

Walking distance to OU

Celebrating something?

We can decorate your room & set the vibe

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Call to set up an event

Our Front Desk is Open 24/7

The only four star hotel in Athens, OH